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Cranes / Draglines / Piledrivers

Do you need a used a crane, dragline or piledriver? At Fymas, we have a well-assorted range of different models within cranes, draglines and piledrivers. However, the shown machines it is only a sample of the many options we can offer you.

You can always to contact us with your wishes and needs. We have a large network we can draw and we can therefore, certainly find the second hand crane, dragline or piledriver that you are looking for.

Mobil Cranes, Telescopic
  TCM C1600.35 85 ton 2006 4.373 85 ton 5038
Mobile Cranes w/Lattice Boom
  PPM 32.01 1982 8.509 30 ton 3074
Tower Cranes
  Krøll K31E 1978   4638
Piledrivers WEIGHT
  Banut 700 1987 8.900 40.0 ton 4996
  Banut 500 1985 19.605 44.0 ton 4077
  Banut 850 XL 2001 14.400 55.0 ton 4997
  Hitachi KH125-3 GLS-K without hammer 1986 40.000 55.0 ton 4241
  Junttan PM26LC 2003 21.000 76.0 ton 5027
  Junttan PM26LC 2005 19.700 76.0 ton 4979
Draglines WEIGHT
  Ruston Bucyrus 61RB 1976 Unknown 90.0 ton 4909

We can help you with the right used crane, dragline or piledriver

Our range of second hand cranes, draglines or piledrivers offer different brands, models and age. You can quickly get an overview of the machines here on the site. Here you can also see the number of operating hours for the individual machine. This way you can quickly focus on the model that fits your preferences.

If you look under the individual products, you can see more specifications so you better can decide which crane, dragline or piledriver to go for. If you are unsure about which model to choose, we are always ready to advise you.

We have accumulated experience over three generations, which gives us a lot of knowledge and expertise that can benefit you if you have any doubts about which model fits your needs.

Sell your Cranes / Draglines / Piledrivers

With us, you not only have the opportunity to buy cranes, draglines or piledrivers. You can also sell your construction machinery to us. We make sure that you get a fair price that we jointly agree on and we will find a new owner for your machine.

You can help solve another person's needs while making money by selling your crane, dragline or piledriver