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Crushers / screens / shredders

At Fymas you will find a large selection of crushers, screens and shredders. The selection of crushers includes jaw crushers, rotary crushers and cone crushers. In addition, we can offer you sorting plants and we can offer you a washing plant if that is what you are looking for. On this site, you will find a well-assorted selection of various crushers, screens and shredders, and there are good opportunities to find exactly the model you are looking for.

  Grind Masters Rotor-Grind TM6000 1994 2.500 21.0 ton 4819
  Metso M&J WR3000 M - On Wheels 1993 11.000 30.0 ton 4289
  Doppstadt DW 3080 K - Mammut 2009 1.600 44.0 ton 5026

Should it be a crusher, a screen or a shredder?

Different jobs create different needs. In some situations, you may need a sorting plant that can sort asphalt, gravel, stone or anything else. Another job may create a need for crushing concrete, natural stone, or other material. No matter what the situation you are in, we definitely have a crusher, a screen or a shredder that can help you with the task.

We have a large selection of crushers, sorting plants and shredders on this page. However, it is only a sample of what we can offer you. If you are looking for a specific model, you are always welcome to contact us.

We can help you find a machine in our large network that is exactly the model you are looking for. Of course, this applies whether you need a crusher, a sorting plant or a shredder.

We are buying and selling crushers, sorting plants and shredders

At Fymas, we stand for both buying and selling various crushers, sorting plants and shredders. If you have a machine, which is no longer needed, you can sell it to us. We focus on making it a good deal for both parties. We, therefore, agree jointly what the price for your crusher, your sorting plant or your shredder should be.