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Access platforms / Telescopic handlers

If you need a lift or a telescopic loader, we can help you. At Fymas, we have a large selection of different models within aerial platforms and telescopic handlers. Within lifts, we can offer you scissor lifts, boom lifts, trailer lifts and truck mounted lifts. It gives you good opportunities to find the model that suits your needs.

Telescopic Handlers
  Magni TH 6.20 22m w/working platform 2017 1.050 5020
  Manitou MT1740 SLT Ultra m/Platform 2005 2.900 16.7 4807
Scissor Platforms
  Grove Grove SM 2633 BE - 8,1 m workingheight 1993   4970
Trailermounted Platforms
  Denka DK 18 - 18 m working height 2011 795 5033
Truck Mounted Platforms
  Falck Schmidt E2000 T - 20m - Mercedes chassis 2007   20 4957

We can help you with the right lift or telehandler

At Fymas, we have a well-stocked selection of lifts and telescopic loaders. Here you can get an overview of the selection. You can see which brand, type of model, year and number of operating hours of the lift or telescopic handler. It allows you to find the model, which fits your preferences and needs.

If you do not immediately find the lift or telescopic loader, you had in mind, then just ask us. It is just a section of what we can offer you within lifts and telescopic loaders. If you have a specific model in mind, you can always us. We have a large network that can certainly help us to find the ideal model for your needs.

Call us on +45 44 65 06 07 if you are looking for a specific model. Then we will gladly help you.

Are you going to sell a lift or a telescopic handler ?

We make a lot of effort to offer you advice and guidance when you are buying a lift or telescopic loader or if you are looking for a specific model. However, we can also be the perfect solution for selling your lift or telescopic loader. Together we agree on a price and ensure you a good and fair trade.